Congratulations on your graduation from puppy class, we hope you enjoyed it. We love seeing the bonds form and the puppies grow.


As you know puppy hood is a challenging time and we want to support you throughout the stages of your puppies life. 
8-12 weeks – Angel Stage  this is where we think we have the world best puppy sleeping through night, and very little mischief, loves snuggles

12-20 weeks – Growing horns stage –  this is where your puppy becomes a puppy and requires more monitoring and training. Starting to find their feet and explore the world

6 months+ –Adolescence  this is teenager time ..yep you have a teen it’s time to set some boundaries and train everything you need to have a well adjusted adult canine citizen Time to join Minor paws. ( Below)

What ever stage your puppy is at we would love to continue training with you, if they are under 6 months we can offer you a special drop in Rookie program $20 per class book below.

 or if you are over 5.5 Month please see a discount for our minors program.

We hope you continue your training. 


Rookies to MINORS ( 5.5 MONTHS +)