Majors Class – online

Hi everyone, We hope you are staying safe and well. Sending out a special thanks to those working on the front line we hope you have been able to spend some times getting to work with your dogs and have put these below videos here for you to try something new together.

hese skills are Middle to advanced Majors training, so you can work at your own level.
Feel free to participate in any you like and share with us via video upload how you are going.
We will keep you posted regarding classes resuming and further online options in the coming weeks.
Majors and advanced classes will include tricks, Rally-O, advanced training techniques, games and enrichment exercises.
Our team is here to help you continue working with your dogs.
If you feel you would like some one on one assistance let us know.
Stay safe and well.

Positioning Fun / Target


Proofing sits / Drops




Tricks Shake from stand


Close with me


Feel free to upload your filmed progress here to receive feedback.
We will need to see your progress before the next class.

Upload here

Please upload your video here. Once you press select file to choose your file and press upload. Please allow some time as it may be congested or the internet might be slow. We will automatically receive this despite what it says there is no need to send us the link. Where possible please name your file with your dogs name.