Dog Training Services

Private Consults 1 on 1 

Our private  sessions  are structured to meet your personal training requirements and goals. These can be conducted in your home or in a park / outside environment, depending on your needs.

Pet sitting and Dog Day School

Doggy drop day school. Limited for time to train your dog. You can Drop your dog off with one of our trainers for a few hours while you work.
They will learn good manners with individual attention just like a teacher would teach your child at school.

    Deaf Dog and Vision impaired Dog training

    Our Highly skilled team can help you train your Deaf or blind dog through carefull positive cues and associations, Having trained Deaf dogs in Agility and the highest competition level obedience we can help you adjust to life with your special friend.Teaching you and your dog a way to communicate with Visual cues or auditory cues you can join main stream classes.

    Story Dogs Train and Assesment

    What a wonderful way to give back to the community with this excellent charity work.

    Story Dogs volunteers are able to take their dogs into schools and quietly sit with a child who then reads to your dog.

    Because dogs don’t judge. 

    The improvement in the child’s reading is quite amazing.

    We offer assessments here at International to help you through this stage.  If extra training is needed then we do that too.

    Right start and breed selection

    you are thinking about adding a dog to your family! It’s an exciting time, but you probably have a lot of questions. Should I buy a dog from a breeder or adopt a dog from a shelter?

    With all the choices out there, selecting the right dog can sometimes seem overwhelming (or at least feel like a full time job!) Let is help you find your perfect canine companion.

    Japaneese speaking training class

    International Dog Training School offers specialized training for Japaneses students wishing to train their dog in a one on on or class environment. Instructor Akira trains all levels and breeds of dogs from basic obedience to challenger class and reactivity. Currently Akira has 2 students also competing on a national level of obedience competitions

    Please Contact us for more information