Our Services

Private in home training

Our private  sessions  are structured to meet your personal training requirements and goals.

These can be conducted in your home or in a park / outside environment, depending on your needs.

We will work interactively with you and  your dog (or dogs).

Basic obedience skills will be taught, as well as implementing a behaviour modification / obedience training program that is designed to suit your needs.

Some  behaviour problems cannot be dealt with effectively in a class situation initially.  We can work towards  preparing you to enter this environment if this is what you are ideally seeking.

You may opt to do both private and group classes, in which case we can assist with up coming group training programs, whilst also working with you on an individual basis, thus speeding up the learning process.


Board and Train

Your pets come to our home. Your much loved pets will be cared for in our family homes, where they will be walked daily, taken on outings and receive the same care and attention our dogs do. We aim to provide the same comforts they are used to at your home at your place. All dogs are welcome inside, including sleeping.

Train & Stay: Why not add some training to your pet sit booking? While you are away your pet is not only well taken care of but will learn some new skills too. Tailored packages are available and a suitable training program confirmed prior.

Japaneese speaking training class

International Dog Training School offers specialized training for Japaneses students wishing to train their dog in a one on on or class environment. Instructor Akira trains all levels and breeds of dogs from basic obedience to challenger class and reactivity. Currently Akira has 2 students also competing on a national level of obedience competitions

Please Contact us for more information 


pet sitting and Daycare

We also offer pet sitting at qualified minders homes

So if you’re going on holidays or just need day care whilst at work then we can help you.

All dogs have free roam of house inside & out, walked twice daily, sleeping arrangements by owners request – yes that means inside home (& sometimes the bed)  No kennels used at all.

Fed if requested (owner supplies food)

Medications catered to

Most of all lots of love, pats & attention whilst you’re away.

Please contact us for your free meet & greet at minders home

Deaf Dog / Vision impaired dog training

Our Highly skilled team can help you train your Deaf or blind dog through carefull positive cues and associations, Having trained Deaf dogs in Agility and the highest competition level obedience we can help you adjust to life with your special friend.Teaching you and your dog a way to communicate with Visual cues or auditory cues you can join main stream classes.


Story dogs trainers/ Assesments

What a wonderful way to give back to the community with this excellent charity work.

Story Dogs volunteers are able to take their dogs into schools and quietly sit with a child who then reads to your dog.

Because dogs don’t judge. 

The improvement in the child’s reading is quite amazing.

We offer assessments here at International to help you through this stage.  If extra training is needed then we do that too.

Right start and breed selection

Congratulations … you are thinking about adding a dog to your family! It’s an exciting time, but you probably have a lot of questions. Should I buy a dog from a breeder or adopt a dog from a shelter?

With all the choices out there, selecting the right dog can sometimes seem overwhelming (or at least feel like a full time job!) Let is help you find your perfect canine companion.

As highly qualified trainers we will consult with you to match the right dog breed to your personal lifestyle as well as help you navigate through the common pitfalls of impulsive purchases. Once your decision is made, assistance will be given to screen and locate highly reputable breeders and / or guide you during the shelter adoption process. 

A Dog is a Lifetime Commitment – Avoid Impulse Buying! 

Breed selection is very important. By some research, you will spare yourself (and your dog) some heartache. There is a dog for every lifestyle or family, but it can be very easy to make a mistake and purchase a breed that does not fit in at all. Unfortunately when this occurs, the dog, more often than not, winds up in the local pound and if it’s lucky it will find a good home. However, odds are that it will become one of the millions of animals that are put to sleep every year through no fault of its own. our team will work with you through a selection criteria checklist which will provide information on areas of consideration such as size, temperament, grooming and exercise requirements, instinctive drive and common health problems associated with different breeds.