Minor paws for 5.5months and up 7+1 week course Burleigh location 3:30pm 5th feb 2022


Minor paws is a 8 week program designed to help you achieve your basic training goals.

Location: Caningeraba State School Burleigh Waters. Whistler Dive Cnr Christine Ave

Minor paws is a 8 week program with the first week orientation without your dogs, and 7 weeks of training, designed to help you achieve your basic training goals. Following this course, you make join our drop-in Majors class for more advanced learning.

—–IMPORTANT INFO *** the first Sat is orientation without dogs. This is a time to meet the team, ask questions and learning important skills to prepare for your training





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this is a 7 week practical with 1 week orientation without dogs.

Teach your dog to focus on you and display self-control when asked

  • Improve your dog’s manners in everyday life
  • Teach useful behaviours like sit, drop, come, stay, and walk on the lead without pulling
  • Enrichment ideas to do at home

Learn basic training skills and enhance your relationship with your dog. Learn to read their body language better and gain valuable life handling skills to control your dog in more challenging situations. Learning focus and maintaining a calm and more balanced state of mind around other dogs and in everyday situations. Teaching and stabilizing basic actions such as SIT, DROP, STAY and coming back when called learning to walk nicely on leash plus more!

Minor paws is a 7-week program to get your dogs to the basic level of training, at the end of 7 weeks you will graduate and have the ability to continue training. Classes are built for FUN and our trainer are not just trained in dog behaviour but also hold skills in Human learning, ensuring you get the best teaching style for you!

NEW** to accompany your training course, International provides students with missed week online learning, so you never have to miss a class and you will always be on top of your training goals.