Rookie Paws open enrollment 8:30am Saturday **Benowa Primary school** 1st FEB 2020


Rookie paws for pups 11 weeks – 5.5 months Every Saturday

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Where: Benowa Primary School Corner All church Ave, Benowa Road

When: Saturday 8:30am starting back 1st Feb 2020

Give your puppy the best start in life! Are you facing annoying puppy issues such as Jumping up? Biting / Nipping? Trouble house training, loose leash walking?

Rookie Paws is a class for new puppies 12 weeks + OR those who have completed an introductory class with local Vets or trainers. 12 – 22 weeks of age.

In puppy class, you will learn to effectively interact with other puppies during supervised play sessions. Handlers will learn how to read their dog’s body language to effectively select playmates for their pups.

Games of fun and focus, calming techniques, sit, come, socialisation and puppy interaction learning to walk on a leash and dealing with common puppy concerns such as jumping up, nipping, toilet training and successful toy play.

Learn to read their body language better and gain valuable life handling skills to control your pup in more challenging situations. Learning focus and maintaining a calm and more balanced state of mind around other dogs and in everyday situations.

NEW open enrollment program means you don’t have to wait to get into a class! Join anytime. Our new 4-week program runs progressive, which means you can enrol anytime and complete 4 weeks.

Ideal for busy families and pups that are growing up fast!


What to bring after booking

Please arrive the first day on the date and time specified with your puppy and the following please bring –

  • A hungry dog
  • Your dog in a flat collar or harness ( sorry no check chains)
  • lots of yummy soft bite-sized treats ( we recommend chicken or cheese or sausages)
  •  A copy of your Vaccination certificate
  • Application + payment if not arranged prior


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