Does your dog, lunge and react to other dogs,
The Canine Challengers class is designed to help reactive and aggressive dogs develop coping skills, and adjustment techniques to help owners develop management and confidence techniques to handle their dog.

Dog to dog aggression is a stressful problem. most people avoid taking their dogs on walks or go out at “quiet times” so that they did not run into another dog. Then because we are now afraid to meet other dogs, we become nervous around other dogs as owners, thus making the problem worse. Our Challengers class is designed to help relieve the stress, remove the fear of owners and dogs, and even have our dogs learn to relax and maybe have fun around other dogs.

Canine Challengers Class is a 5-week program which includes an initial In home consult with our trainer – this will prep them for the classes and 4 weeks of class work.
Our classes are small maximum of 4 dogs only visual barriers provided.

All class participants must first have a Private in-home session with one of our experienced trainers to asses your dog and help you with class prerequisite training.

What we cover ?

Recognizing and interpreting body language
initial assessment
Calming signals
Reason for Reactivity
Tailored exercises and techniques to help you manage your dog in situations
Commence working with and around other dogs
Learn to deal with real life
Dealing with emergency / real-life scenarios
Ongoing guidance,
assistance and support –
transition into group based obedience classes if suitable.
Discount on any further training

*All bookings are subject to approval upon meet of dog and handler

Requirements to join

  • Aggressive/ reactive to dogs only ( no people fearful dogs accepted we have another class for you)
  • Bite level Medium- this is a dog that has been in a fight where the victim has had a moderate injury and full recovery
  • Your dog must be food or toy motivated
  • some level of basic training required
  • Handler MUST be able to appropriately manage and handle the dog – weight and fitness

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*All bookings are subject to approval upon meet of dog and handler