This is advanced class for advanced dogs and handlers. Learn to take your skills out on the road LITERALLY. 

Learn to work and control your dog in public, at a cafe and more! Advance training for competition or fine tuning behaviors in presence of various stimulus.
Dogs that love this class include , ex reactive or shy dogs, as well as handlers who want to advance their dogs skills on the road.


Leash free Living –

This class is designed to help you train your dog to be off leash and respond to cues from a distance. Class includes advanced training, canine core strengthening, enrichment and Occasional Intro to RALLY-O 

 PLUS one off scheduled

Enrichment classes! These classes are designed to keep advanced dogs busy and active, but most of all, be lots of fun.

Our innovative advanced classes will be run on a SCHEDULED basis, allowing you to learn a multitude of new and exciting things with many of our amazing instructors! Our list of offerings continues to develop and grow. You can choose from:

Tricks & Therapy work
Agility basics
Advanced obedience / Rally-O
Trei-ball basics
Dog/ human cross training
Scent workshop

What does that mean for you? It means you have more choices to experience all variety of classes run weeky. .

How does it work?
Become a member simply check out the weekly schedule (you can contact us for an email copy, phone us or check the website / FB details ) as to what is being taught on that day, and come on down! ** This will not effect Minors Or majors Basic Classes**

Membership options $35 yearly per dog or $100 life memberships.

Class cost $15 per session with membership $35 per year or non members $20 per class

 Dogs must be competent off lead- Tricks for life, service dog skills, clicker work, shaping, rally and basic agility.

A class for those that want to do more in life with their dog….

  •  Learn how to put together behaviour to achieve your goals …
  • Foundation skills that can be used in other areas – service or therapy dogs, agility, rally, retrieving. 
  • Awesome tricks for life –  A dog that will be able to entertain – the life of the party
  • A training challenge for you and your dog – your handler skills will be put to the test as you work with precision timing..
  • Further enhancement of duration and distance work using more subtle hand signals
  •  Learn how To shape and capture behaviour and use a clicker